The Jiger

Posted: 27th February 2015 by Paul in Film, Technology

While transferring some 8mm films shot by my wife’s late grandfather, I came across this clip which was spliced onto the head of one of the reels. It seems to be promo footage of the Jiger, a Canadian invention that was the world’s first production all-terrain vehicle. I understand that at one point the U.S. Army was considering purchasing some, but I don’t believe the deal actually went through. There’s more information on it here.

Aside from tweaking the levels I didn’t really do anything to clean it up, and so the clip is pretty rough-looking. It was in far worse condition than the rest of the film on the reel, so I’m assuming it may have passed through several hands before landing with its final owner, and there may be printed-in damage as well.

  1. Paul Woods says:

    Love your blog Paul. Spent a happy half hour browsing. Like a box of chocs for film buffs! The article about Curtains solved a decades long mystery about a film i could only just recall. After googling witch sickle ice I got your blog! ha ha. Curtains it is. I may even have it in my VHS collection in the attic if I dare to go and check. Its creepy and cold up there in December! Love to footage of the Jiger. It reminds me of the GI Joe Adventure Team ATV toy. Even here in the UK the Sindy Doll had a very similar buggy. Cool blog. Keep it up. I’m called Paul too!

  2. Maggie says:

    Caillng all cars, calling all cars, we’re ready to make a deal.

  3. Erich says:

    The Jiger number 3 made the cover of Popular Science December 1961 , the U.S. Army has placed Jiger under contract that made the Corporation of Canada & the Corporation Province of Ontario very jealous tried takeover attempts … After the Army contract to A.T.C. is done it switched over to civilian production until the 1968 takeover from the Corporation Province of Ontario that produced the Government Jiger that weighed more than 600 lbs.
    The Army Jiger’s & 300 Twins weight in at 280 lbs. The 197 Jiger at 241 lbs.

    Tell more about films I do recognized a lot of locations ……

    Thank you.

  4. Peter says:

    I have 9 of these in Nova Scotia. One is 100 percent rebuilt. The others are in a 53 foot storage trailer long time collect I had one when I was ten . Love hearing about jigers.

  5. Cutterqdo says:

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