WOW.WAD Fanart

Posted: 26th February 2015 by Paul in Gaming, Personal

As some of you may know, when I was 10 years old I was responsible for creating what now seems to be considered one of the most ridiculously awful user-created levels of all time for the classic FPS game Doom. I wasn’t even aware of its infamy until I Googled my own name many years later and came across this article. Anyway, there’s not much to tell but I’ll save what information there is for a later post.

I just wanted to share this lovely gem that I stumbled upon awhile ago. A Japanese artist, Nanka Kurashiki, actually took the time to make a fanart (would it be arrogant to say tribute?) about my old turd of a creation. Obviously far more talent, time, and effort went into this picture than I spent on the level that inspired it!

See more of her great work here.

  1. xpac says:

    You know what’s funny? wow.wad is not objectively that bad.

  2. pyshch says:
    There are even speedruns of your level 🙂

  3. NeoJ95 says:

    I made levels that were low-effort too, I know how ya feel.